Jobs at Tarsier Studios AB

Malmö, Sweden


It’s hard to describe life at Tarsier in standard paragraphs. Having such freedom always results in a lot of ‘epic-this’ and ‘awesome-that’, when all you’re really interested in are nice, concise bullet-points.

  • We are an independent game development studio based in Malmö, Sweden
  • We currently employ around 70 people
  • We’ve been going since 2004
  • We haven’t made City of Metronome. At least, not yet…
  • We worked on the LittleBigPlanet franchise for many years
  • We are now fully independent and working on our own IPs
  • We try to make games that we’re proud of. For example:
    • We made atmospheric, creep-fest, Little Nightmares;
    • We also made offbeat, puzzle-fest, Statik
  • We’re terrible at social media
  • We’re excellent at social gatherings
  • We have breakfast together every friday
  • We have a fully-stocked (board & video) game library
  • We hold regular game nights, and semi-regular D&D campaign nights

There’s loads more too, but there are only so many bullet-points in the world and we didn’t wanna be greedy. So if you like the sound of what you’ve read, why not check out our current available jobs and see if there’s a place here for you.

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