Jobs at Taco Global

Fort Myers, Florida, USA


We are a software design and marketing firm.  Our products don't follow any norm.  

"Why follow the guidelines?"  

"Transparency and ingenuity creates disruption linked to loyalty and excitement."

"Why didn't I think of that?"     "Think outside the big box"   

We are patient.  Over the past two years we've quietly coded over 20 products and services to be released in the coming year.  Our products follow no norm and invade to disrupt multiple categories of business, healthcare, accounting, education and gaming.  Patented software and clever hardware is our core.

First releases slated for Q4 2018

The company is called Taco Global.  Think of our products as Taco Chips.  Or... Taco Coins! 

Self funded operation.  Always open to new ideas.

"The art on our header is from a product called the World of Aura.  Several amazing artists and friends labored to create a world of over 200 characters and places.  Four Kingdoms, amazing background lore and adventure, coupled with beautiful games and kids products.  Our Hollywood friends were instrumental in keeping WOA's heart beating while we expanded our Core offering.

Interlaced now with our new hardware and experiential tech, WOA has become a fascinating world to play within.  Both real world and fantasy engagements have expanded the world of aura from it's passionate beginnings to a coming blockbuster"

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