Rotterdam, Zuid-holland, Netherlands


Hello fellow CG artist,

My name is Joep Swagemakers and I'm a CG artist who mainly focusses on architectural and product visualization. I am a freelancer and have been working for different clients for about 5 years now. Before starting as a visualizer I graduated as a product designer but went back to visualizing because that is where my passion lies. 

During my work in the visualisation business, I had some requests from clients that I couldn't fulfil with 3d models that can be bought online, so I started experimenting with modelling them myself. This grew into a project about creating realistic human models. I am now launching a startup that is focussed on exactly that.

This is a new startup with a lot of potential and with a lot of space to grow. There is also a lot of room experimenting and trying out new things.

Let's talk this over with a cup of coffee.

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Human modeling expert at Project Deepskin

Human modeling expert

Rotterdam, Zuid-holland, Netherlands
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