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Minsk, Belarus


Steel Monkeys is a multi award-winning developer with an extensive experience in computer, video and mobile game development for multiple platforms, with 30+ skus under our belt. Our aim is to treat our products with love, care and passion, so they mature to become the most interesting and fun new games of the 21st century.

Steel Monkeys has extensive experience working with brands and manufactures. The success of "Bob the Builder" franchise can be credited to the original Bob the Builder game we developed for BBC, we worked with such brands as Rocky, Corvette and Godfather. NVidia used our title Master Rallye to launch GeForce4 card.

Steel Monkeys is the proud owner of various industry awards, one of the most recent is Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 3rd winner (I, Gladiator). I, Gladiator was also shortlisted for the Windows Offer - the Microsoft contest - the aim of which is to bring the most interesting IPs to Windows Phone.

The title Puny Stupid Humans (developed by Steel Monkeys for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) was nominated in two categories (Best Casual Game and Most Original and Creative Project) in the Game Connection Development Award (America 2015).

Our latest game I, Viking is nominated for Game Connection Europe Development Awards in the categories (Best Mobile/Tablet, Most Promising IP)

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