Jobs at Rice Games

Los Angeles, California, USA


Rice Games is a team of motivated game enthusiasts ready to make a big impact on the gaming industry with creative, revolutionary projects. From artists to programmers and undergraduate students to seasoned veterans, our diversity is a key factor to the unique products that will soon come to fruition. We work remotely, and we make it work.

We are currently developing Shujinkou, a Japanese language learning JRPG for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, PC/Mac, and Mobile. Please check out its description below: 

Shujinkou is aiming to revolutionize the language edutainment industry by being a Japanese role playing game at its heart while facilitating Japanese language learning (or using, if the player is native/fluent) for any and every gamer. | Our revamped website for Shujinkou will be done in April 2020.

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