Jobs at Ready At Dawn

Irvine, CA, USA


Ready At Dawn is looking for talented and passionate developers to help us push the boundaries of technology, gameplay, art, and story-telling. Our team is growing and we invite you to join one of the preeminent independent video game developers in the world.

The studio is currently in various stages of development on several exciting projects:

  • A new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP
  • The expansion of the award-winning Echo universe for Oculus Rift through our ongoing partnership with Oculus

Ready At Dawn® was founded in 2003 by senior members of Blizzard Entertainment® and Naughty Dog®, with the goal of building an independent game studio that creates groundbreaking games in a fun and rewarding working environment. From developing the best-selling and highest reviewed PSP games of all time with Daxter and God of War, to creating one of the most visually stunning PS4 games with The Order: 1886, the studio has been able to gain critical and commercial acclaim, as well as obtain a broad and diverse expertise. This includes the recent launch of the award-winning and highly-acclaimed titles, Lone Echo and Echo Arena for Oculus Rift, that have set milestones in Virtual Reality gaming.

Ready At Dawn’s technological innovations, its reputation for excellence in artistry and design, coupled with its experience in developing blockbuster franchises ensure the studio will continue to break new ground, while raising player expectations.

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