Jobs at Puy du Fou International

Les Epesses, France


Voted the Best Park in the World in 2012 (Los Angeles) and 2014 (Orlando), Puy du Fou has developed a unique concept that has seen incredible success. Far from virtual or imaginary worlds, offering a succession of grandiose and moving shows, Puy du Fou has invented a new artistic design which is revolutionizing the world of shows and attraction parks.

Steeped in the History of Man, Puy du Fou offers an unparalleled experience with a series of spectacular, moving shows, in the heart of intact countryside and magnificent stage sets.

In France, more than 30 million visitors have already experienced "Puy du Fou" inspired by the history of France and Europe.

Now Puy du Fou International is making this experience, this excellence and this expertise available worldwide.

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