Jobs at Plarium

Kharkiv, Ukraine


Plarium Global is an international software development company specializing in mobile, browser, and social games. Our games are currently played by more than 250 million users across 150 countries.

The Kharkiv Art Department consists of a creative team of CG experts, who develop high-level concept art, high and low-poly character models, as well as locations, environments, and props. With the help of our in-house, state of the art Motion Capture Studio, the Kharkiv Video Department is responsible for animation, cut-scenes, and fully rendered CG cinematics. 

Our experts enjoy great variety in their work and are afforded significant creative freedom without the pressure of strict deadlines; the quality of the finished product takes precedence over everything else. 

We use the latest licensed software and offer our employees plentiful opportunities for meaningful professional growth: workshops held by famous artists, webinars, conferences and events, and much more.

We are currently focused on a new AAA-class RPG project and are actively looking for talented artists capable of creating exciting new game worlds and bringing their vision to our team.

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