Jobs at Paladin Studios

Den Haag, Zuid-holland, Netherlands


We create games that make people smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin.

Paladin is a game developer based in The Hague, The Netherlands. We are a team of 50+ knights, and growing fast. Our mission is to create games with a spark for players all over the world. We achieve this goal by being a world-class game studio with soul, that brings out the best in people. That means a studio filled to the brim with creativity, professionalism, and good vibes.

Some of our recent games include:

We are working on several new exciting games. Onward to ever more adventures!

We specialize in 3D games, are experts in Unity, and love projects that push our limits.

We believe that Free-To-Play games can be a good thing for players and industry if done right. Our goal is to create games with a spark of magic, regardless of platform and business model.

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