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Zhejiang Province; Guangdong Province, China


NetEase established its Online Game Business Division in 2001 officially and NetEase Games has been ranked in the leading position in online games independent research and development field and is the Top 1 independent research and development competitive online games company in China.

  NetEase Games has promoted more than ten self-developped games since its establishment, including:

  The Top 1 Chinese local-developed popular online game with the first double art version in the world - Fantasy Westward Journey. Its registered users are 250 million with the maximum concurrent users 2.71 million;
  The top 1 Chinese local-developed original and classic online game – Westward Journey Online II with the maximum concurrent users 1.26 million;
  The first self-developed Chinese characterized 3D online game Tianxia II with the devotion of 6 years and more than RMB 100 million;
  The first self-developed free martial game, the king of PK online games- Datang;
  Moreover, there are love - themed online games Westward Journey Online III, Westward Journey Online- The War, Heroes of Tang Dynasty etc.
   What’s more, NetEase has obtained the exclusive operational rights of Starcraft II, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: Frozen Throne and their online battle platform; It further obtained the exclusive operational rights in Mainland China of Blizzard Entertainment of World of Warcraft.

  NetEase Games, on the cutting edge of the online games industry, persists on researching and developing as the drive for products development, letting new employees get in touch with the core research and development technologies in the industries and creating equal and sharing atmospheres of communication. NetEase Games now enjoys a research team of a comparable size in the industry.

  NetEase Games expect talents who love games to join us.

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