Jobs at Magical Game Studio

Los Angeles, California, USA


We are a small group of friends and colleagues that are working on a project in our spare time.  We're spread out across the world - based in Los Angeles, Seattle, Milan and Kyiv.  We've been working on our latest project since the beginning of May.

Project Lead:

The rest of the team includes a 2D artist, a technical artist, and an engineer.  Each of us has about 10 years of professional experience, with some or most of those years spent in senior or lead roles at large game companies.

We're currently working on a small 2D platformer game using Unity, Spine, and Photoshop.  We've made significant progress on some of our most complex game mechanics and are now moving into a production phase where we'd like to add another part-time 2D artist to help build out our characters and environments.

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