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MAGES Institute of Excellence is a registered private institution to provide tertiary level
coaching on Animation, Game Design, Motion Media, Entertainment Design and Design
Communication - rapidly developing sectors in Singapore and around the world. MAGES is
focused on national and international student cohort to simulate multi-cultural environment for
best possible creative learning experience. It has been established with the purpose of fulfilling
the demand of professionals required in Gaming and Animation Industry while working closely
with industry partners on various projects.
Industrial Guidance
At MAGES, we strongly believe that a holistic education, which incorporates both academic
rigorousness and practical knowledge, is a critical cornerstone of success. Further to ensure
that our courses stay relevant with the latest development, we work closely with our industry
members to tap their expertise and skills combining academic vigor with hands-on practical
knowledge. Students are also given the opportunity to work on live projects under the guidance
of industry experts.
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