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Berlin, Germany


Klang is an independent game development studio based in Berlin. It was founded by three Icelanders in the spring of 2013. In July 2015, Klang launched its first project, ReRunners: Race for the World, for iOS and Android devices, which was extremely well-received by both the gaming press and the gaming community.Now, Klang is working on its next project, Seed, a simulation MMO utilizing SpatialOS technology.

Klang's Mission

To create the next generation of multiplayers by building virtual worlds for people in the real world.
 Games should have the ability to bring people together in one nicely wrapped package - the key principles being engaging gameplay, social interaction, and ambition.

Klang strives to develop long-term sustainable products by offering unique playing experiences, utilizing innovative technology, developing distinctive art styles and design, and building valuable communities.

Our Vision

  • Klang believes that virtual worlds can have the same emotional investments as their real life counterparts
  • Klang believes in player-to-player interactions
  • Klang believes that the way we experience virtual worlds is changing, along with the devices we use to engage with those worlds

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