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Iron Galaxy is one of the world's largest independent video game developers, delivering both home-built, original experiences and partners' visions to all platforms.

Early history

In 2008 Dave Lang was working at Midway Games Chicago as its Studio Tech Director. After years of working at the Publisher, the ambiguity of Midway's financial situation led Dave to start Iron Galaxy. Originally envisioned as a tech consulting firm that would focus on helping Publishers and Developers meet their goals, Dave was the only employee for the first six months. After this period of testing the waters, Dave teamed up with several of his former teammates from Midway and the company grew into a modest, eight-person shop. In 2010, the company expanded its efforts into doing ports for publishers, with their first notable success being Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition for Capcom. This was the first project Iron Galaxy completed without another development partner.

After that

Iron Galaxy initially made its mark in the industry as a porting house. Then in 2011, Iron Galaxy set their sights on the company's first original game, Wreckateer, which was published in 2012. After Wreckateer, the company opened up a second studio in Orlando to assist with Divekick, and after Divekick the team got a chance to work on the largest original production yet for Iron Galaxy: Killer Instinct Seasons 2 and 3. Despite these successes, the team never forgot their roots, and they still do tech consulting and ports to this day; having worked on some of their partners' most established brands like Bioshock, Call of Duty, Destiny, Batman, Elder Scrolls and Diablo 3.

2 job openings

Art Outsourcing Manager at Iron Galaxy Studios

Art Outsourcing Manager

Chicago or Orlando, USA
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Relocation assistance
Art Director at Iron Galaxy Studios

Art Director

Chicago or Orlando, USA
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Relocation assistance