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Austin, Texas, USA


We're making a virtual (& portable) workplace that enables you and your team to be MORE productive in VR than in real-life! This consists of virtual worlds that make the user's mind enter a state of awe and wonder, as opposed to a boring office.
Employees oftentimes want to work from home because being in the physical office is too distracting to get work done, making it difficult to tap into what Cal Newport calls “Deep Work.” So, we are building a VR workspace that helps get (& keep) you in a "Deep Work" mode for extended periods of time more frequently for overall increased productivity (isolating you from external distractions, while cultivating an environment to promote optimal cognitive ability repeatedly).
Immersed also integrates your VR headset with your Mac/PC to have multiple virtual screens in VR, regardless of if you’re in the office or remote.
For remote teams, Immersed also allows multi-screen-sharing in VR to enhance collaboration, making teams all-around more productive!

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