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New York, NY, USA


Hard Case Crime is a labor-of-love project from creators Charles Ardai and Max Phillips to revive the look and feel and storytelling style of the classic pulp paperbacks of the 1940s and 50s. Launched 15 years ago on the tiniest of shoestring budgets (we still don't have much!), we've attracted people like Stephen King and Michael Crichton and Joyce Carol Oates and Mickey Spillane and Ed McBain and Donald Westlake ("Richard Stark") to play in our sandbox. Two years ago we kicked off an experiment with Hard Case Crime Comics, and that's the main reason we're posting on ArtStation now -- trying to find someone as excited about this kind of storytelling as we are, to take a flyer with us on a creator-owned property in the "Modesty Blaise" vein...

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