Jobs at Free Range Games

Sausalito, CA, USA


Free Range Games was founded by the core members of Shaba Games after the successful acquisition by Activision, to create games that reflect our values and passions as gamers. We specialize in Development and Co-Development for PC, Console and Mobile. We partnered with Twitch in developing, launching and supporting karaoke game, Twitch Sings. We developed Spelldrifter, a unique twist on CCGs that fuses deckbuilding and card-based strategy with a fantasy dungeon crawler. We have partnered with many of the largest companies in the world to develop high quality, innovative games including: Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, and Shrek Super Slam. We have worked alongside Activision teams on various aspects of development on games like: Marvel Ultimate Alliance, DJ Hero and Skylanders.

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