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London, United Kingdom


Our advanced workshop, 3D scanning and post-production studio enable us to offer a 'concept to completion' service that is second to none. FBFX constantly strives to pioneer ground-breaking techniques, using the latest technologies to produce exceptional results.

Over the years we have built a reputation in the industry for producing space and sci-fi costumes. We have worked extensively within the genre and our costumes are world renowned for exceptional attention to detail. Our breadth of skill includes the creation of realistic NASA EVA helmets and front/back packs for The Martian (2015) and Prometheus (2012) as well as Alien: Covenant (2017).

Producing armour has been one of our strengths since the company's inception over 20 years ago. We have vast experience of creating a range of costume armour: from lightweight opera and ballet costumes to stunt and protective suits; from accurate historical pieces to unique fantasy costumes.

This category of costumes can be the most challenging of all to reproduce; a costume which looks fantastic on the pages of a comic book can often be hugely impractical or difficult to wear. For us, it's an opportunity to really push the boundaries of materials and technologies to help us stay as close to the source material as possible.

Many types of costumes will often need to have multiple versions made to fulfil different requirements, some made to have certain features that can be triggered on cue and photographed in close up, while others might be made to accommodate particular stunts and action sequences, be it falling, fighting, burning or being submerged under water.

FBFX DIGITAL is a creative capture studio, specialising in 3D scanning and digital clothing replication.

From capturing the human form in our head and body rigs to producing the garments to clothe it, with our digital pattern cutting and PBR scanning services... we cover it all.

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