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Tempe, Arizona, USA


Each week, across the planet, people spend three billion hours playing video games - so what if those games could be fun and entertaining as well as having a positive social impact?  E-Line Media is a video game developer and publisher dedicate to helping making this incredible investment of time and energy something that is both fun and meaningful.

Recognized as a pioneer in the games and social impact sector, E-Line is regularly featured at gaming conventions and educational forums - places that sit at the intersection of entertainment and enlightenment.  E-Line has also been a key driver of high-profile impact game initiatives, including the National STEM Video Game Challenge (launched by President Obama), the Games and Learning Publishing Council (funded by the Gates Foundation), and the ASU Center for Games and Impact.


The people that make up E-Line Media hail from a diverse set of personal and professional backgrounds - and that is what allows us to develop games differently.  Each member of our team is a subject matter expert that brings a unique view to the project that they are working on. One day you might be discussing how to develop a puzzle that moves the player’s narrative forward and then the next you could be sitting down with one of the world’s leading oceanographers to talk about life at the bottom of the ocean where no light exists.

Regardless of the professional journeys that brought us all here - we all come from a place of passion when it comes to making games that people will love to play, and that give a little back to the world in which we live.


E-Line Media prides itself on creating games that are not only fun and entertaining but that encourage players to look at and interact with their world differently then before.  

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