Jobs at DragonLord Enterprises, Inc.

greater Cape Canaveral area (Remote), FL, USA


DragonLord Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1996.  We created the world's first adventure game on cell phones, "Cavern Crawl™", in 2001, built into the hardware of Kyocera handsets at the factory.  It was also the world's first cell-phone game with a musical theme soundtrack.  From bioinformatics, to a walking, talking humanoid robot operating system for JPL in 2006, to the control middleware for a full-sized MRAP motion-platform simulator ride, DragonLord has always used advanced A.I., robotics, and animation to stay at the cutting edge of technology.  Now, we're expanding into Artificial Reality.  DragonLord has always used remote freelance professional talent who can get the job done, to make things happen.  We understand pro's who prefer to work out of the comfort of their own living room, and who deliver.  We need modelers; animators; riggers; Unity programmers; character designers; musicians; and producers to help us meet next-generation challenges.  Have you got what it takes?  Let's make this happen, together!

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