Jobs at Deep Space Systems

Littleton, CO, USA


So you want to be a rocket scientist.

Deep Space Systems is an aerospace company in Littleton Colorado specializing in spacecraft avionics, design, and mission architecture.

Our engineering visualization department specializes in rapid turn, high-quality visualizations in support of the U.S. aerospace industry.

In support of spacecraft design concepts ranging from small cubesats to human exploration missions, we provide:

-Vehicle Design

-Conceptual Sketches and drawings

-3d Modeling

-UV Unwrapping




-Video Production

-Scale model Production

-Full-size mockup Production

-Real Time Simulation

-Mission Planning through visualization 

You will work closely with aerospace engineering professionals to bring conceptual designs for spacecraft to life!

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Experienced 3D Generalist for Aerospace Illustration at Deep Space Systems

Experienced 3D Generalist for Aerospace Illustration

Littleton, CO, USA
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