Jobs at Coffee Stain Studios

Skövde, Sweden


We are still a small studio, and we’d like to stay that way. The games we make are the games we want to play.  We strongly believe in staying independent so that we can continue on our own path.

We like to work in fairly small teams where everyone matters. Micromanaging is not our style, so everyone needs to take responsibility over their own work. 

We are currently working on our most ambitious project so far: Satisfactory, an FPS open-world factory building sim.

Coffee Stain Studios is located in Skövde, Sweden, one of the most gamer-centric cities in the country. The city is only a short train ride away from both Stockholm and Gothenburg which makes the location ideal. 

Right now we’re more guys than gals. But we believe that diversity is a good thing(obviously) so that's something we are working towards changing.

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