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Irvine, CA, USA


We are chance6

We believe in family first

Whether our spouses or partners, our parents or children; whether the family we’re born to or the family we choose, we owe what we accomplish to the support of those around us. Every decision we make is filtered first through the lens of Would we want this for our families?

We believe in fun

Fun isn’t some equation; it’s not created in labs or conference rooms, and it isn’t something found by aiming for the middle. It’s subjective, and found by interacting on a personal level with our Players. Only they can tell us what it is. Fun is instinctual, and we believe our Players know what they want in their gut. We’re here to follow their lead and learn to translate their wants into entertainment.

We believe in meaningful connections

The most important audience segment isn’t the early adopter or the whale. It’s Kyle, or Chloe, or TofuNinja. It’s the individual. It’s understanding that they stop playing because they start a new job and applauding their choice, not trying to manipulate them back to the game. It’s being there for them when they’re struggling in game and out just because they need someone to listen. It doesn’t take a CRM to show people they matter; it just takes being willing to pay attention.

We believe in experiences

Entertainment isn’t asses in seats; it’s not retention rates or DAUs. It’s having something that you talk about for days, that inspires you to create something else or makes you imagine what’s possible. Experiences come from incredible moments, be they unexpected victories or terrifying horrors. Experiences linger beyond a single product, and breed expectations that we are proud to live up to.

We believe in authenticity

It’s not some corporate bullshit lingo or catchphrase; you can’t tell people “Ok, be authentic.”  Authenticity comes from living out your values each and every day. It comes from being transparent and honest, admitting when you screwed up or having the strength to say no, whether it’s to each other, to partners, or even to Players. It’s about doing what you know is right above what’s profitable.

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