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Worldwide, USA


Bigscreen – the "VR movie theater" – is one of the most popular VR platforms in the world with 1 million users. 

Today, our power users already spend 20-30 hours every week using Bigscreen, making it a "killer app" of VR. The most popular use case of Bigscreen today is social video watching, where friends watch movies together in virtual worlds. We work with Paramount Pictures, MGM, and other major movie studios to distribute their movies in our social VR movie theater.

The Experience:

We are building a VR world inspired by theme parks like Disney World where people can hangout with friends, explore worlds designed for major movie franchises, and attend movie screenings. For example, Bigscreen can enable Star Trek fans to buy a ticket to a Star Trek-themed virtual world in their VR headset where they can watch the latest Star Trek movie with other Star Trek fans from around the world. Imagine sitting next to a hologram of the Director and seeing the "Director's Commentary."

Bigscreen is a virtual world for watching movies with friends.

The Company:

Founded in 2014, Bigscreen has $14 million in funding from top venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. We are a <10-person fully remote company with people in the US, Canada, Argentina, and New Zealand.




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