Jobs at AfterNow

Culver City, CA, USA


Join our team; building the future of human computing.

AfterNow specializes in envisioning, designing, and building mixed reality applications for practical use cases and entertaining experiences. Our clients include a few Fortune 500 companies in health care, aeronautics, food, telecommunication, entertainment, and education.

As a general overview we worked on Hololens based medical device for doctors in operating rooms, drone flight management holographic table, 5G virtual assistant for bike maintenance, battlefield visualization on holographic table, interactive sales tool for planes, presented the future of health, design the first spatial web Magic Leap app and a lot of AR immersive presentations for sales teams.

We develop two products. Blocker, an augmented reality director’s viewfinder for filmmakers.  AfterNow Prez; a 3D augmented reality presentation tool that makes it easy for anyone to create immersive presentations.

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