Hanoi, Vietnam


Gear Inc. is an American owned and operated business process outsourcing company located in Hanoi, Vietnam. We provide industry-leading image moderation, social media management, IT consulting, application development, game development, and outsourcing services.

Our game developing and outsourcing team pioneers mobile gaming to deliver the best experiences. The video game and technology industries are in a constant state of evolution. Understanding these trends allows us to prepare for the future of gaming and support the growing needs of both clients and consumers.

We, of course, hire exceptionally talented people from all over the globe that bring experience and international standards to the table, but that’s just the start. Commitment to our people is the real strength and key to success. We apply rigorous training and development systems, allowing our talent to evolve their skills alongside their careers, and stay ahead of the latest industry developments.

Company size: +350 employees

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