Santa Ana, CA, USA


Who We Are: Founded in 2010, Blind Squirrel is a multidisciplinary development studio housing staff members with years of game industry experience. Blind Squirrel is actively seeking projects from publishers in addition to developing our own internal IP’s.

What We Do: We are a premier developer of video games for the Console, Mobile, and PC markets. Located in Orange County, California.

Where We Are Going: Blind Squirrel is dedicated to creating polished and innovative AAA gaming experiences that reflect the interests of our passionate development team. Capitalizing on our experiences as a premiere developer, we are creating unique IPs that will push the medium into bold new directions.

We enjoy creating games that:

  • Engage players in intelligent, creative, and polished gameplay experiences
  • Build upon the concepts of popular titles yet stand apart from them
  • Bring to life interesting stories, deep characters, and fully realized worlds
  • Treat players like mature, intelligent consumers and gamers
  • Transcend their medium and become a part of popular culture

We are looking for wonderful talent with a passion and drive for something different. If you want to be involved with a company that works to build the next generation of video games, Blind Squirrel is the home for you.

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