Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand


The Weta Workshop family is made up of some of the most passionate, creative, tenacious and outright excellent people you'll find anywhere on this planet.  Friendly, helpful and humble to a tee, together we're a motley crew of artists, technicians, wranglers, image-makers, thinkers and creators of all stripes, from all backgrounds. All united with a common goal: create cool stuff!

The philosophy here is that big ideas can come from anywhere. On a typical day you'll find us battling robot overlords, building worlds from the ground up, dodging animatronic goblins in the hallway, and sampling the best burgers Miramar has to offer. And that's just during the working week. Saturday is 'use the Weta Workshop facilities' day, where the crew get the chance to work on their own projects. Take a walk around the Workshop and you'll see evidence peppered from floor to ceiling: raygun oil paintings and alien sculptures, crazy kit-bashed models, elaborate board games, even custom cars. In this place, creativity doesn't start at 8am and end at 6pm. It's in our blood.

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