Gainesville, Florida, USA


Trendy Entertainment is an acclaimed independent games developer located in Gainesville, FL.

Created by veterans of the video game industry, we develop fun and innovative products across multiple platforms, including the multi-player tower defense action-RPG franchise, Dungeon Defenders. We strive to enable independent developers to build powerful, fun, and innovative products that are enjoyed by the global gaming community. In order to accomplish our goal, we have established a strong community of creative thinkers and encourage the sharing of ideas, opinions, and open communication.

Trendy’s first title Dungeon Defenders, a multi-platform multi-player co-op tower defense action-RPG game, was an overnight success selling over 1.5 million units on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3, as well as over 3 million downloads of Dungeon Defenders: First Wave and Second Wave on iOS and Android.

More recently, Trendy released Dungeon Defenders II on PC, Xbox and PS4. We are focused on delivering quality mid-core and hardcore multiplayer titles across mobile, PC, and console -- and we're currently working on game technology and titles that are about to change the world!

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