Jobs at Square Enix Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Square Enix Montreal is dedicated to developing bespoke, innovative games for tablet and mobile platforms.

Our mission is to bring successful Square Enix brands like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Hitman to the mobile platforms; delivering fresh, thoughtful experiences to new audiences, whilst deepening and extending the possibilities within our core franchises.

40 experienced developers that have come together from AAA console games, indie games, and other mediums to define the new benchmark for mobile games.

Operating from downtown Montreal in an open-space studio, our crew of developers work in small, agile teams. The area is bright and lively, and offers a breathtaking view of Mount Royal and the McGill University campus. Developers share the floor with managers and marketers to promote a cheerful and sociable collaboration, where everyone is part of a large family.

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