Jobs at Golden Rat Studios

Los Angeles, California, USA


Led by industry veterans, Golden Rat Studios LLC is building the next generation of real-time, multiplayer, social games for Explorer Corporation Limited, a new mobile game distributor located in Hong Kong.

Our name 金鼠工作室 (Golden Rat Studios) is inspired by the first symbol in the Chinese zodiac: (the rat). Appropriate for a social games company, the rat represents wisdom... with a dash of slyness thrown in. Assuring that good chi flows through our offices, Golden Rat mascots can be found in the southeast luck sectors of the studio.

Under Explorer’s direction, Golden Rat is assisting in creating a mobile gaming and loyalty platform that Explorer will deploy in Asian markets. Golden Rat is developing world-class social games featuring unique real-time multiplayer and cooperative mechanics. These games will be initially released on mobile platforms (i.e. Android and iOS/Apple) to users in Asian language markets.

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