Austin, Texas, USA


Want to be a part of something rare in this industry?  At QC Games in Austin, TX, we are a group of passionate gamers and developers creating new worlds and new gameplay for gamers.  We are not beholden to ivory tower development or to preconceived notions of what players or the market want.  We are not only willing to innovate, we are defining ourselves by our commitment to innovation.

QC Games’ mission is to combine proprietary technology, world-class creative talent and best-in-class methodologies to build highly rated games, best-in-industry workplace culture and a growing business.

Our founders have been building games for decades. We have folks from PlanetSide, Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, Star Wars: Galaxies, Mass Effect, Warhammer Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age and more. That said, we have all seen companies and cultures that weren’t entirely healthy, either in their attitude towards  the games themselves or in their respect for the teams who make them.

Everything we do at QC Games, from the smallest bit of polish to the most astounding technological breakthrough, is important. As a team, we are far greater than the sum of our parts. But we still value individuals who shine and make everyone around them better. Quality comes from creativity. And creativity thrives in an environment of empowerment, trust and collaboration.

You get the best when you expect the best, and when you allow smart, creative people to solve problems together. Problems and challenges inevitably arise, and the team is expected to pull together and figure out the best solution in an open and respectful way. Failure is just a part of the process, and something to be embraced.

We want to encourage an environment where independent and responsible thinkers are able to put forth their best ideas, where everyone can listen, and the team finds the best path forward.

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