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Nexon is a world leader in online games with over 4,600 employees globally. Largely fueled by its successes in Asia, Nexon is one of the highest revenue-generating video game companies, and seeks to leverage its financial strength into greater artistry in games. Nexon is expanding its portfolio to better entertain Western gamers, as evidenced by its acquisition of Big Huge Games and its partnership with Boss Key Productions.

Nexon initiatives include founding a new game incubator, dubbed “Nebula.” This internal development studio is comprised of passionate, proven developers who are collectively interested in designing and creating games that reflect the importance of innovation and artistry in the industry. (Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney discusses this vision for the company in this interview from last May.)

 Rich player experiences and highly polished core features are pillars of Nebula games. Nebula is a start-up like environment, with a small team and great flexibility and autonomy, but with the strong financial and moral support of a stable and profitable parent.

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