Los Angeles, USA


8i is a Technology startup that translates Human presence/ emotions/ and expressions to the digital world through holograms. Over the last 2+ years, we developed a process that uses an array of video cameras to create realistic and convincing Human holograms.

The holograms can be experienced by any angle, fully idealizing the human presence into the digital space (VR/ AR/ MR, etc). We are currently using Unity 5 to showcase the amazing power of these holograms in real world environments.

Our team brings together decades of experience from Weta Digital, YouTube, nVidia, Google, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Sony Computer Entertainment, Intel, DreamWorks, Digital Domain, ILM and Pixar. To date, 8i has raised over $14M from investors including RRE Ventures, Founders Fund Science, Horizons Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Dolby Family Ventures and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments.

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