Clermont-Ferrand, France


Innovation Innovation is at the heart of Allegorithmic. We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of technology when it comes to 3D content creation. Our tools and technologies are unique and industry-defining at times. Even our business models are seen as innovative. All in all, our motto says it all: Innovation Matters. Respect Respect in many areas: respect for the members of our team, their lives, origins, cultures, aspirations and mustaches. Of course, respect for our community: we do listen to our users. Really. Often and clearly. This is not quality and market research, this is respect at its core. Hybridation Hybrid because we like the fact that we sit at the interface of art and science. That our engineers are also artists, and that our artists are usually technical and even admit liking math. Our view on things is tangential and outside of all comfort zones.

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