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New York, NY, USA


Avalanche Studios is the original creator of the award-winning Just Cause franchise (published by Square Enix) with the third entry released on December 1st, 2015. Just two months earlier, the studio released Mad Max (published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment). During the 13 years since the company was founded, Avalanche Studios has also created acclaimed twin stick shooter Renegade Ops (published by SEGA) and self-published free-to-play service theHunter (developed by subsidiary Expansive Worlds) which now has over 6 million registered players across 190 countries. Avalanche Studios was founded by Christofer Sundberg and Linus Blomberg. It is still privately held, and both founders spend their time developing the emergent gameplay and cutting edge proprietary technology that is at heart of every Avalanche Studios game. Since 2011, we are based in Stockholm and New York City. Having a presence on each side of the Atlantic is beneficial in many ways, from publisher relations to hiring the greatest talent and offering a unique work environment. It goes without saying that team members have the opportunity to exchange ideas, visit or even move between our studios. We consider people our most valuable resource and work hard to ensure their health and happiness. We believe in a sound work/life balance and go to great lengths to protect this often championed but rarely realized concept. Avalanche Studios is built on the belief in an open and friendly company atmosphere coupled with a truly flat organization. There are no closed offices at either the Stockholm or New York studios. All projects are run in cross functional teams. Sharing and collaborating is at the heart of everything we do. More information is available at

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