Jobs at HeartQuake

Gorduno, Ticino, Switzerland


Heartquake Studios is an independent video games development studio based in Switzerland. We are currently in production on World Never End, an Action Adventure RPG game. 

The majority of role playing and real time strategy games are strong on core values, but are lacking on the immersion side of the game play. We intend to change that model and focus on the core elements that make these genres great to play.  

Our solution will be to focus on the immersive experience with adaptive stories, environments, and characters. The stories and quests will have multiple solutions, allowing the player to make moral and strategic decisions about how they want to proceed. The computer controlled characters and the environment will react and adapt to these player choices. 

We will develop World Never End for all of the current major games platforms to maximize our target audience. This will include PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox.

WNE will be a high quality AA title, aiming for a Metacritic in the 80s.

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