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Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


John Wick is a 20th and 21st century role-playing game designer best known for his creative contributions to the Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) properties Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea. He self-published Orkworld under the Wicked Press banner, and later co-founded the Wicked Dead Brewing Company with Jared Sorensen. His games under that company include Cat, Schauermärchen, Enemy Gods, and Thirty. He has won the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game and Best Collectible Card Game twice (for both the Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea role-playing games and collectible card games).

He has also written for White Wolf, Inc., Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and worked for various video game companies, providing storyline and dialogue. He has written two regular on-line columns: The Game Designer’s Journal (for The Gaming Outpost) and Play Dirty (for Pyramid Magazine).

Since 2013, John has been using Kickstarter to fund independent projects in a variety of genres and styles, including Wicked Fantasy, Wield, Play Dirty 2, and The War. In 2016, he is returning to Théah with 7th Sea: Second Edition!

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