Jobs at Hangar 13 - location Brno (2K Czech)

Brno, Czech Republic


Hangar 13 is the internal 2K development studio behind the award-winning Mafia III.

2K Czech in Brno (Czech Republic) is one of four Hangar 13 vibrant locations. We develop top AAA games for PC and consoles (XONE, PS4) distributed world-wide. We are one of the major game-developing companies. Our portfolio consists of titles such as Hidden & Dangerous, Vietcong, Top Spin 4, and Mafia. Also known as Hangar 13, we’re currently expanding our own proprietary engine and developing new tools in service of our next unannounced title.

Located in the south-east part of the Czech Republic, just a 2-hour drive from Prague, 3 hours from Budapest and mere 90 minutes from Vienna, surrounded by vineyards from the south-east and highlands from the north-west, Brno is a comfortable place to live and work. This Czech Republic´s second largest city offers everything you need without the big city rush – modern architecture, perfect cuisine, award-winning bars, and diverse countryside.

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