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San Francisco, CA, USA


For nearly two decades, Obscura has partnered with pioneers, forward-thinking corporations, cultural dignitaries, and global changemakers to create awe-inspiring projects to illuminate, captivate, and inspire audiences around the world. With each project we’ve taken on, we’ve pushed to transcend conventional boundaries and rose to meet new challenges of technology and human connection.

Now, as part of The Madison Square Garden Company, Obscura is focusing on the Company’s state-of-the-art music and entertainment venues known as MSG Sphere. Featuring an iconic design, MSG Sphere venues will revolutionize the live experience, using cutting-edge technologies that enable the creation of immersive, multi-sensory environments that transport audiences and reinvent how a performer, speaker, show or event engages and connects with an audience.

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Visual Designer

San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Job Type: Permanent