Augidish background

Los Angeles, CA, USA


We are a new technology platform launching in Q4 combining augmented reality and cryptocurrency into a novel product offering that has our team, our customer hospitality groups, and most importantly the general public who have all demos saying –– "WOW!" 

Through the Ethereum blockchain we are able to create NON-DUPLICATE augmented reality collectibles. Think of these like real-world, high-scare, stamps or coins or baseball cards.

Leveraging the hospitality industry with partnerships with some of the most well-known restaurant groups in the United States, these AR collectibles will be digitally signed by the chef or celebrity (for dishes named after them), but they also give you that dish free in perpetuity!

An example can be the most famous steak at a restaurant which goes for $100 being free twice a month. We auction that item either with a buy now price or open to bidding within our app.

Just like valuing investments in the stock market, there is some game theory here in that a purchaser is essentially going long a restaurant. At $100 * 2x per month * 10 years (market participants value metric), just on a tangible value basis, we are looking at a $24,000 price point.

This doesn't even take into account the fact that there will only be one, or two,  or three EVER in existence, and signed by chefs, owners, or celebrities!

The dining industry is our first vertical as we are incredibly connected with major players in the space, PLUS the economic model is ideal for that industry. We are offering restaurant businesses an opportunity to bring in almost cost-free revenue at T-0 (time-zero).

Something of this sort has never been possible for the restaurant industry which has always made its revenue by customers physically having to come in, and considering the immense costs associated with the restaurant businesses.

For that reason, and with consensus from some of the biggest restaurateurs in the industry, we firmly believe we are on an untapped goldmine.

Lastly, our technology is patent pending and already we are starting early outreach to other consumer verticals upon solid penetration in our first vertical.

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