Wuhan, Hubei, China


First of, the url listed above is our affiliation company, which is NOT our website. We are a startup, and our website is still under construction.

We work with American off-road racing industry and sanctioning bodies to build authentic American style trophy trucks and race buggies in China.

We promote the authentic American off-road racing experiences by working with the best companies in the industry.

In addition to the high performance vehicles we build, and races we run, we also run a tourism program that allow people to enjoy the wild and remote areas of the world using our vehicles. 

Our company name, the Little Green Man Power Technology Ltd., with LGM stands for LGM-1 which was the first pulsar discovered by human, and at the time mistaken for extraterrestrial signals. Pulsar, formed in the death event of an old star and with accompanying nova event for formation the new star is magnificent signal in the chain of cosmic cycles, also serve as beacon (‘candle’ in measuring distance) in the exploration of far and unknown.

It is our mission to expand men activities to broader areas through technology and self challenge. We bring value by not merely to build cars, but to enable a closer people-nature relationship through our services and products, so that people gain a deeper appreciation of the nature, thus broaden human experiences.

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