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St. Petersburg, Russia


Sperasoft is a leading game development studio focused on delivering high quality titles for world-class publishers. Much like the characters we help bring to life, our teams of professional specialists are our very own gaming heroes, brilliantly combining experience, creative talent and innovative technology – all in order to deliver titles that succeed. Alongside our heroic exploits, we continually provide diverse services, ranging from superb 2D and 3D Graphics, SKU Development to Platform Solutions, Online and Mobile Applications and much more.

We offer all aspects of the development cycle; we start with developing the vision and the concept for a project, work through all the stages towards delivery, keeping in close communication with our clients, and ensuring precise execution of any specifications. We’re proud of our solid expertise working with the most recognized companies in the gaming industry, helping our business partners take their products to a completely different level. Seeing subsequent market success of the titles is what drives us forward.

Founded in 2004, Sperasoft has grown to be the largest games development company in Eastern Europe with over 200 veteran games developers, artists and production managers working in our offices. We love games: that’s kind of important because not only can we offer services, we can offer an experience of what it’s like to work with other people who love what they do, and want to work on your game. That’s our creed, and we’re sticking to it.

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