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Yakutsk, Russia


MyTona is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher. The achievements of our team include five projects: Cooking Diary, Ravenhill, Riddleside, Seekers Notes and our brand new midcore game — Manastorm: Arena of Legends. Our hit game Seeker Notes is the best hidden object game in Western markets, it has reached Top-4 Grossing iPad USA, Top-2 Grossing iPad Canada и Top-3 Grossing iPad Germany.

The studio is made up of an awesome and friendly team of more than 500 MyTonians. MyTona's culture is to create enthralling high-quality games with great content to entertain people all over the world. The most important thing in our company is to give the best working conditions to our employees. The greatest fact about MyTona is that each employee is a valuable and important asset for the company. Once you join the team, you become the part of real successful game creation process.
We love making games!

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