Yunoia screenhshot 01

Frankfurt am Main , Germany


We are a company born from mobile gaming communities. Fueled by the group’s frustrations with current F2P game mechanics, monetisation and customer support/services – We decided to start building the alternative everyone wanted.

We also believe in a new model of community funded game development. This puts the power in our hands with the fans as stakeholders. It creates a virtuous, transparent cycle and means we really do have best, long-term interests of the community at our hearts.

They also act as focus group, testers, QA and a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

The core team is comprised of industry veterans and outstanding new talent from Ireland, Germany and Britain, while our community and shareholders are truly global.

The team includes serious F2P and mobile experience, hardcore players, artists and coders with award winning AAA experience and a dedicated lore/story writer.

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