Character Head Artist (long term temporary)

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Job type: Contract

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Job Description

Treyarch is looking for a world class character artist specializing in creating realistic and lifelike heads and hair. This will be a Temporary work assignment with work expected for at least 12 months. Our focus will be to create stunning, realistic, and memorable characters that work seamlessly in fast action-60 frames per second game play and non-pre-rendered, real time cinematics - pushing the boundaries of game play, art, storytelling, and technology. Our perfect candidate is passionate about helping us create the best Character Head and Hair Art as possible while challenging themselves, their team, and our studio to do anything and everything we can to make the best experience for our fans. This candidate also needs to be a great team player – never putting oneself over the project needs, and the team. Candidate’s experience will determine the title, so whether you are in the earlier stages of your career, or a seasoned veteran and leader, we want to hear from you.

What you'll be doing:

  • Create stunning high-quality heads and hair, for use in the game, towards research and development, and to establish benchmark quality.
  • Model, sculpt, and texture high quality and realistic digital human faces.
  • Create high quality hair, using the latest techniques while working with our engine and making them as efficient as possible.
  • Working with scans and other high-quality data to assist in making your work as realistic as possible.
  • Using your natural talents as an artist to bring personality and mood to our characters.
  • Opportunity to learn and contribute toward facial blend shape rigs.

Skills & Requirements

  • Game industry experience in character art.
  • Experience in creating realistic hair for game engines.
  • Solid experience, knowledge, and ability in modeling, sculpting, UVing, baking, and surfacing pertaining to realistic human anatomy, facial muscle structure, and hair authoring techniques.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Good eye for detail, proportion, likeness, and anatomy.
  • Strong traditional art skills in sketching, drawing, sculpting, and painting.
  • Expert knowledge in Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop.
  • Experience working in various game engines.

Bonus items that will be even more helpful:

  • Lead Artist or Supervisor experience.
  • Experience working with face rigs and facial blend shape rigs.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Facial Action Coding System.
  • Strong, experienced, production knowledge working with scanned model data, scanned expressions for blend shapes, and light stage data and the pipelines associated with those for high quality performance capturing.
  • Strong, experience and knowledge in authoring high quality bodies, clothing, and hard surface props.
  • Experience in concept art, using that to pre-visualize final looks.
  • Strong knowledge using Substance Designer, Substance Painter, and Mari.
  • Experience in making characters for Feature Film and VFX.

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