Artist: Level designer / Game-play designer / Environment artist (Unreal Engine)

Everything is Full of Gods
Olympia, Washington, USA
Job type: Freelance

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Job Description

We're looking for an artist, you know what that means. We want creativity and we want to transcend standard video game aesthetics. You should have a shelves full of art books in your home, you should be comfortable working in 3D and you should be comfortable working remotely.

We are a small, interdisciplinary, game studio working on a very unique title heavily based on music slated for release after Christmas. This is a 3rd person action game for PC featuring incredible music from a well-known label and tight musical integration in both the visuals and game-play.

The visuals are a mix of realism / abstraction / surrealism.  This won't look like a regular video game, there are no zombies, knights, wizards, mechs etc. It will be strange and different, we expect you to contribute to that aesthetic. The weirder you are, the better. We want you to go nuts. We're looking for people with a diverse range of influences... we all play video games but we get inspired by art outside of video games. Let the AAA guys make another post-apocalyptic fantasy Army shooter with dwarves and robots. Nothing wrong with that, but that's not what we do.

The game-play will be familiar to you but with a unique spin.

We are looking for a remote freelancer to join the team. We are based all over the world, you will be the 6th team member to join. 

The work load will be variable, some weeks there will be a lot of work and some weeks not very much. We're a small team so the more versatile you are, the better. 

This is freelance work for an independent studio so you will need to be nimble, flexible and reasonable. 

The budget is tight but this is paid work. However you'll need another source of income, this can only be a supplement. Maybe in the future that will change, but for now this is the reality...

If you don't like electronica / trance music, this might not be for you. If you want to unleash your creativity and do something totally unique, then please get in touch...

Feel free to ask any questions!

Skills & Requirements

  • Be creative. Love art. Love music.
  • Know your way around UE4: basic Blueprint knowledge, terrain system, foliage system, etc
  • Solid 3D skills: modeling, texturing, etc
  • Work independently from concept art (and make your own concept art if you get inspired!!)
  • Be creative and come up with ideas!
  • Build small terrains / levels in UE4 using our assets and any assets you can come up with
  • Build the game-play for each level in collaboration with the team and help test ( in other words, not just place assets but make fun, playable levels and help balance the AI, etc)
  • Help build new props / assets / architecture as needed
  • Be comfortable working with Blueprints in Unreal Engine at a basic level (at least) as you will be controlling visual elements algorithmically using assets we've created in C++/Blueprints

Additional Information

  • Working remotely is an option

How to Apply

Email portfolio, resume, demos or whatever you think shows your abilities to

About the Company

Everything is Full of Gods is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Olympia, Washington that works with artists all over the world. 

We explore the intersection of art + design + emotion in a variety of mediums.

We are currently working on our most ambitious project to date, a video game featuring a totally unique approach to incorporating music in the visual design and game-play.