3D Animator

Pow Wow Entertainment
Vienna, Austria
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description


We are looking for a talented and passionate 3D Animator to join our new studio in Vienna. You will bring a wide range of characters and environments to life. You have excellent skills in translating body movement, emotions and gameplay to the characters you animate.

Skills & Requirements

You will…

  • enjoy working with a complementary team of professional designers, artists, and programmers throughout all stages of development.
  • create animations for characters, crazy vehicles and other assets.
  • be rigging, skinning and create blendshapes for all kinds of assets.
  • be setting up animation graphs using Unreal 4.
  • prepare and export assets so they can be used in the game.
  • create art material for pitches and prototypes.
  • happily share your knowledge with the rest of the art team and support your fellow artists wherever you can.
  • feedback and optimize animation workflows.
  • work closely with game designers to optimize overall player experience.
  • identify flaws in the game itself and clearly communicate them and try to solve them as professionally as possible.
  • enjoy coming to work, have fun and craft outstanding game experiences.

You are…

  • an animator with 2+ years of experience in the games industry, animating characters and environment assets.
  • lots of experience in rigging and animating all kinds of fantastic humanoids and beasts.
  • able to translate skills of a character perfectly into animations.
  • always aiming for a very high quality level and you are pushing your fellow team members to do so as well.
  • a personality that is motivating and inspiring to work with, described as open-minded, purposeful, respectful, and highly motivated.
  • a person who has a passion for bringing new ideas to the studio, a drive for teamwork, and engagement to become a better animator over time.
  • self-motivated and you have a strong creative identity, lots of imagination, and holistic animation skills.
  • highly organized and you have a very detail-oriented approach to your work.
  • extremely dedicated for crafting amazing gaming experiences for PC and Console.
  • able to work in the EU (EU work permit).

Besides being an awesome person it would be a big plus if you also have…

  • the skills to create VFX, particle effects and you are able to lend your support to 2D animation duties.
  • a basic understanding of motion graphic software such as After Effects and Premier.
  • Unreal engine 4 experience.
  • a strong interest in pop culture and all kinds of other entertainment trends.
  • experience in working with SCRUM and for you a stand-up, retrospective, or review meeting, represent  an integral part of improving processes and products.

How to Apply

Please apply here: 3D Animator

About the Company

We  are a team of experienced artists, designers, engineers and product  designers who create top quality game and entertainment brands. The studio was founded in 2019 with the goal to create a development studio, which incorporates brand and multi-entertainment-media thinking from the very beginning of a game project.

We  strive for perfection – within our individual skills as well as in our  work as a team. Together we bundle our forces to bring joy to a broad  audience of content creators, players and fans. 

We value collaboration, passion, a professional development attitude and  a high level of creativity. Our goal is to attract professional and  talented creatives who share our love for game development and top  quality entertainment.