Senior Technical Artist (Rendering & Lighting)

Gameloft Montreal
Montreal, QC, Canada
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

Reporting to the art director or the technical lead, and working closely with the programming team and the character and environment team leads, the technical artist (rendering specialist) designs and implements the shading and lighting solutions that are necessary to maintain the production team's creation process. The technical artist helps sustain an efficient production pipeline that respects the established production deadlines as well as the constraints related to performance that are essential to ensuring the global vision for the game is adhered to.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Participating in the creation of realistic PBR scenes for smartphones while abiding by the concept art and mood boards provided
  • Implementing shading and production solutions for materials while adhering to the established artistic direction
  • Setting the required level of detail to maintain visual consistency with the initial concept
  • Configuring the various dynamic lighting solutions and available post-processing effects in order to refine a scene's overall ambience (direct lighting, fog, ambient occlusion, tone mapping, colour grading, look-up tables, vignettes, bloom, depth of field, optical flare, chromatic aberration, anamorphic flare, etc.)
  • Setting up lighting systems that are compatible with the memory limitations of target platforms
  • Evaluating the usage of the irradiance / image-based lighting systems to be used by dynamic objects
  • Working with the 3D development team to contend with constraints related to production and to obtain the support required to implement new functionality and develop new tools
  • Training artists in new production techniques and ensuring that those methods are compatible with the constraints of the game engine
  • Checking that the various provided materials/textures are consistent and in keeping with the established graphical style and lighting methods
  • Making sure that the elements produced are compatible with the various target platforms and that they are properly integrated and have the intended impact on performance
  • Identifying and resolving issues related to the process of artistic creation
  • Suggesting efficient production methods that are in keeping with the initial guidelines and budgets/constraints (memory/size of the game)
  • Helping the marketing team, when needed (static rendering, technical support for in-game footage)
  • Maintaining a superior level of quality

Skills & Requirements

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Solid educational background: advanced mathematics (algebra; matrix, integral and differential calculus), physical principles both mechanical and organic, colour theory, lighting, composition, etc.
  • Excellent understanding of rendering and lighting techniques, and complete knowledge of engine-related constraints on mobile platforms
  • Broad knowledge of the visual arts and interest in recent innovation within the field (real-time shading techniques / digital special effects in post-production / academic research)
  • Versatile and able to adapt to various visual styles/worlds
  • Complete understanding of the classic and physical (PBR) rendering/lighting models
  • Fundamental understanding of modern shading methods as well as current baking techniques
  • Knowledge of material-authoring/geometry solutions (Substance Designer, Houdini)
  • Understanding of the main scripting languages used in production (Lua, Python, MAXscript, etc.)
  • Knowledge of OpenGL ES, and the technical constraints associated with development on current mobile platforms (performance/memory)
  • Knowledge of the process behind conventional graphics-production languages (GLSL, HLSL, CG, etc.)
  • Knowledge of C++, C#
  • Mastery of current static and real-time lighting solutions (V-Ray, Arnold, Redshift, Beast, Enlighten)
  • Mastery of traditional 3D modeling processes (Max or Maya), of texture and material creation that is compatible with rendering models, as well as of physically based rendering (PBR) and traditional rendering
  • Mastery of UV projection and unfolding techniques (overlapping, splitting, padding) and of UV packing
  • Understanding of various lighting models used in the industry

Additional Information

  • Relocation assistance is offered

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