Senior 3D Level Artist

Ubisoft Singapore
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

The Senior 3D Level Artist will take part in the production of the games by creating, adapting or implementing all the essential 3D Environment elements for the success of the game.


  • Be familiar with game design documents so as to know the environment, objects, atmospheres, story, and style in order to build level(s)
  • Be familiar with the visual references and respect the chosen artistic direction
  • Participate in the search of precise graphic references that are specific to game level
  • Be familiar with tool installation methods and their settings, the project’s file nomenclature system, and the data updating processes in the engine, and follow all of the instructions of the Graphics Technical Director
  • Creates documents that list and present the graphical content of the levels
  • Helps eliminate, after assessing level content with the Production Manager
  • Builds the rough map of the level with the level designer to show and get approval for the first graphical intentions and gameplays
  • Help establish the modelling and texture needs, place the order with the map modelers and texturers, and follow up on the progress and quality of the work
  • Integrate the produced objects and textures into the level
  • Creates the architectural and lighting elements of the level and integrate them
  • Constantly optimizes his/her map and by, for example, adjusting the size of the pieces according to gameplay situations, after assessment with the level designer
  • Participates in setting the properties of each of the objects in his/her map (e.g.: movement, collision, lighting effects, VFX, sound, etc.)
  • Acts as a resource-person for the artistic team
  • Oversee the debug process for all levels
  • Verifies the quality of the maps once they are imported into the game and make any necessary improvements
  • Remedies the bugs entered by the testers to eliminate any anomalies;
  • Any other ad-hoc duties, if necessary

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience in 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and imaging
  • Proficient in Z Brush & 3D softwares
  • Experience working in games & working on next-gen consoles is a plus
  • Good organization skills, with an eye for detail.
  • Ability to take critique and adapt to changes
  • Great team player with good initiative

Additional Information

  • Relocation assistance is offered

How to Apply

Please apply through emailing with subject title "Artstation: Senior 3D Level Artist"

About the Company

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